Diploma Programs

Diploma in Civil Structural Engineering

  1. Fundamentals of Structure Analysis
  2. Fundamentals of Reinforced Concrete Structure Design
  3. Fundamentals of Steel Structure Design
  4. Computer-aided Structure Analysis and Design and Structural Drawing
  5. Building Structure Analysis and Design Project

Diploma in Quantity Surveying (Construction)

  1. Fundamentals of Quantity Surveying and Project Scheduling
  2. Computer-aided Estimating ,Project Scheduling and Drawing
  3. Construction Cost Estimating for Reinforced Concrete Structure Building Project
  4. Construction Cost Estimating for Steel Structure Building Project
  5. Construction Cost Estimating for Road and Bridge Project

Diploma in Project Management

  1. Role of Project Manager
  2. Project Selection,Preparation and Appraisal
  3. Project Life Cycle and Project Control
  4. Project Evaluation, Termination and Risk Management
  5. Project Management Techniques

Diploma in Construction Management

  1. Safety Engineering, Legal Relations and Responsibilities of Engineer
  2. Concrete and Steel Construction
  3. Construction Management Functions
  4. Scheduling Technique for Construction Project
  5. Construction Cost Estimates

5 month Course

(Including Internship Program)

40% Assignment
40% Exam
20% Presentation
All Diploma Candidates must study
Engineering Ethics, Building Codes, Guildlines,Law and Regulations of related local organizations.

Minimum Requirement

4th year Civil Engineering Student in Technological University or
AGTI (Civil) , or
Diploma Level in Civil Engineering Field (or Equivalent), or
BE – Civil, BTech – Civil
and need to pass our entrance exam or interview 

Total Fees – $250

Text Books Fees – 30000 Ks

Contact – 09789444780